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Time for a spanking

Safely Soundly Spanked

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A Wonderful Time

I have spanked many ladies over the years over my knee, no matter their size their feet were off the floor and usually, the hands couldn't reach the floor so they dangled helplessly over my knee until I had deemed they were soundly spanked with their skirt and slips pulled up and panties to their knees. I don't use or offer safety words simply as the spanker her safety is my number one concern also its a break in the mindset to offer her the chance to control. A good old fashioned spanking is what I deliver it is as simple as that; is this a preference for ladies?


How much are you sessions?

My sessions are totally FREE!! Though due to the time wasters I would require a fully re fundable deposit of £20 via PayPal

How long is a session?

A for filling session usually last for one hour with a break halfway through.

What do I wear ?

I would require you to wear something feminine address or a skirt, petticoats white underwear the skirts should be a flipping type. If you are wanting to role-play say a schoolgirl ; then we would set it aside time for you to change into your role-play costume.


Safety is paramount within my session even though you feel you may be able to take more and go further I decide when you have had enough and how to control the session, firm but fun.


Nobody else is allowed to be in session when it is one to one should you wish to bring a chaperone to communicate via your mobile then they can remain in the car outside at any point should you wish to discuss anything with them this would terminate the session and you can return safely.


My focus for a session is discipline and mind play; it's undeniable that a woman being spanked in that lower area can become quite sexually intense please be aware that I don't take advantage nor have wandering hands at the end of the day I simply want you to enjoy your session.

Hard Impact Play

I can play at all levels but as mentioned above safety is paramount I will try my best to take you to where you want to be with implements within safe play

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