I am 28 years old and have had a spanking fetish for many years. I am actually very embarrassed about this and the need for a spanking! I asked if i were to book for a disciplinary session, would it be possible for you to yank my panties hard up my bottom whilst OTK spanking giving me a ‘wedgie’, to cause further humiliation and to cause my face to be as red as my bottom?! As i think this too appealed and thats what I got.


I can verify that John is a very good gentleman and very honest and trustworthy. Have worked with him on numerous projects and he has helped me considerably within the profession. I class John to be a good friend and great business associate. Wishing John all the best


It’s nearly two years since I started coming to see you to be spanked and I’ve had quite a few sore bottoms during that time! I must enjoy it though as I travel quite a distance to end up over your knee! You have pushed my boundaries much further than I ever anticipated but I always feel safe and secure. Thank you for everything x


I have known John for several years and he is one of the nicest and most effective spankers I have come across. A true gentleman, but no push over! Great with newbie’s and more experienced ladies alike, can play at any level. Extremely safe and gives a great cuddle afterwards. Happy to chat to any ladies who wish to confirm this is real. www.ladypandora.org

Lady Pandora

Love the site – would love even more to hear the spankee say out loud that she deserves to be spanked on her BARE BOTTOM – those two words said by a spankee before , after or indeed during her spanking bring back very real true memories of spankings i witnessed many years ago…………………..


Hi Sir thank you for my spanking last week I can still feel the warm glow after a being over your knee and many thanks for making me feel at ease as I did have a few butterflies in my tummy prior to our meeting.Hopefully again?


I have known John in both a personal and spanking capacity for over 2 years. I have worked with him on spanking videos and, being my first time I was nervous of what to expect. I need not have worried! John put me completely at ease and I even felt happy enough to receive a spanking myself – my first in many years! I now see John on a regular basis, for both work and pleasure and would recommend him to anyone into the spanking scene – experienced or first timer. A real gem and a kind and patient man, you would not be disappointed’


After many years of harbouring a spanking kink and two years of browsing your site and thinking will I won’t I, I finally found the courage to contact you for a first time spanking, thinking I would probably only manage an OTK hand spanking. I am now typing this sat on a cushion with a very sore bottom after experiencing your hand, strap, cane and leather paddle. Thank you for putting me at ease so quickly, being respectful of my needs and setting the scene beautifully, both the day before and during the spanking. The anticipation is such an important part of the process. I will definitely be back and am shopping for a slip now :) And I agree with those above you give a great cuddle afterwards.


I have been friends with John for over 4 years now and played with him on several occasions during that time. We have played for fun, for shoots and just for the sake of it. During any of our play sessions, John has paid attention to what he is doing and is one of the best spankers I know. He has always managed to make my bottom very red and glowing afterwards (lovely) I would recommend him as a caring Top who enjoys the spanking scene and though is large size is daunting his hand does exactly what it says on the tin and never goes OTT !!


I have recently learned the futility of over promising. Sir asked me to put some video on to NTSC format DVD. Well there was some initial confusion over format requirements but I hold my hands up to the fact that I didn’t contact him to let him know what was happening, leading to Sir thinking that I was a fraud. It was really just an unfortunate set of circumstances that led to a temporary communications breakdown. We have now been in touch and sorted everything out to a satisfactory conclusion. There was a penalty to pay – a trip over his knee for a very sound spanking. Ouch


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